Anđela Milošević

“Every child is an artist. The issue is most don’t remain artists once they grow up.”

I truly believe that to be the issue. Because otherwise, working with children is a blessing. Their creativity is unmatched, their minds work with purity and innocent impressionism. Through my creative studio “PIKOLO” I had the opportunity to show children and younger students different directions, classes, techniques and categories of art – meanwhile fully enjoying their creations and even celebrating awards and diplomas together with them.

On the other side of the coin, art education for adults leads to different but interesting results. Reactions of adult minds to Art History is really different, riddled with personal commentary and objective views – it’s equally challenging and rewarding. Likewise, organizing exhibitions, presentations and art events, being in touch with numerous cultural and education centers can be an exhilarating and adrenaline pumped work – but seeing people of all ages invested and interested in art is rewarding enough.

Art Education

Art education for all ages, including different techniques and the history of art.

Event Organizer

Organizing art events, competitions, presentations and special projects.

Creative Studio/Workshops

Creative studio and workshops for children and younger students.

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