Anđela Milošević

As an experienced Designer, I like that design lingers somewhere between art and science, seemingly taking the best elements of both worlds. While it too can carry emotions, thoughts and ideas like traditional visual artworks, it can also give entire corporations their identity, give name and image to products, speak about their function and purpose and transfer messages to clients and customers.

Switch over to Interior Design however, and it’s an entirely different world – almost like bringing magic into the mix as well. Changing the design of the room or space can change its entire atmosphere or even its function. Carefully selecting colors, decorations, lighting and aesthetics can encourage healthier, more pleasing and functioning life or work.

Graphic design

Logo design, corporate branding, design language, packaging design, posters…

Stationary design

Business cards, envelopes, letterheads, cups, t-shirts, bags, stickers, seals…

Interior Design

Interior design, exterior design, decorating, mood boards, artworks, wallpapers, murals…

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