Anđela Milošević

As Master of Visual Arts, it is safe to say that I love the diversity of all forms of Art and its ability to carry the expression of its creator’s imagination, ideas and skill. I like the “ancient” power it has to evoke emotions, summon memories, conjure images and stir up thoughts. Art is raw and delicate at the same time; applicable to many forms and different media, from visual imagery on canvas and paper to complex productions of movies and video games.

As Visual Artist, I like to stress that products of these skills are always unique and unrepeatable, whether we are talking about concepts, drawings in pen or ink, paintings on paper or canvas, made with acrylic or oil colors, with or without frame, in one of thousands of possible styles. Exclusively original, unique, handmade, traditional or digital works.

As a Musician, I was trained in renaissance singing and flute and joined several classical bands and assembles. Later on I decided to combine my musical talents with my taste in music and therefore joined several rock, jazz and pop-rock oriented bands.


Oil, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, on paper, on canvas, on silk, abstract, realistic, surreal…


Portraits, environment, scenery, fashion, objects, fantasy, still life, scenes…


Book covers, cards, magazines, stickers, catalogues, packaging, infographics, ads…

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